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Leo Louis & Olivier Roberts

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French ginger Olivier Robert returns to explore his kinky side in an anonymous hook-up with Leo Louis in a scene directed by Raphael Massicotte!

Olivier is turned on by the unknown, waiting on all fours for someone to take his hole and Leo is just as turned on by the prospect of dominating him. So, when Leo enters and sees Olivier offered up, he slaps his cock on his muscled ass, proceeds to slide it in, and pound his hole.

Leo is relentless in fucking Olivier and thrilled to accentuate his dominance by slapping his ass, gripping the waistband of his jock, and holding his neck. Happily following Leo’s orders, Olivier turns around to suck his massive cock and take his face-fucking. Leo in turn plays with Olivier’s hole, prepping him for more fucking.

Leo moves around to fuck Olivier over the edge of the bed in an acrobatic position from which there’s no escape. After Leo gleefully uses his hole, he brings Olivier up and drills him on his back, pinning him down to take all his deep fucking and manhandling.

Finally, Leo reaches the point of no return and pulls out to shoot over Olivier’s ass and finish inside him. Once satisfied, Leo triumphantly slaps Olivier’s ass and walks out. Olivier is back on all fours, also content to have the hung dom’s load inside him.



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9 March 2022

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