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Distracted By Dick

Tony Milak is gorgeous, his blue eyes and slim body get him plenty of attention and it’s no wonder gay twink Nick Danner wants to get to know him much more intimately. He’s been texting all morning, but although Nick isn’t the kind of boy to abandon a friend for some random hook up his buddy Roman insists he go and have some BoyFun. He’s the kind of understanding friend every young man needs.

Nick doesn’t need to be told twice, in a flash he’s running to meet his new buddy, the two connecting instantly with hungry kisses and greedy gropes as clothes are quickly removed and their sexy tight bodies are revealed.

The two boys are perfectly matched, two slim and smooth boys with hard cocks bulging in their pants, soon to be slipped between lips while the two suck and lick each other. A little foot wanking gets the juices flowing but when Tony gets a taste of Nick’s hot little hole it’s clear that the boy is about to be stuffed with rigid bareback boner.

Nick’s long and slender cock bounces with delight while he’s fucked from behind, Tony’s thicker tool filling him up with warm inches. The riding and spooning only brings young Nick closer to climax, their efforts soon paying off as his cock convulses and launches a hot mess of twink cream over his smooth skin.

Tony is soon ready to deliver his own sticky mess, wanking right in Nick’s cute face, his pink length spurting lashings of juice for the boy to taste.


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Straight Boy Stuffing

Kaleb Cross is mostly straight, but he seems very eager to show Roman Capellini the shape of his massive morning wood in his sweat pants. He should know better than to tease a dick-loving boy like Roman, he’s quick to accept an offer of BoyFun and if Kaleb thought he could just tease he’s soon proven wrong.

Despite his initial reluctance his massive uncut meat is soon loving all the wanking and sucking his new friend is giving him. He might not usually be into playing with other boys but Roman is a skilled cock sucker and the first few slurps of his big meat has him fucking his new pal’s mouth.

He might not be used to playing with another big cock but when Kaleb dares to take his first taste he’s hooked. Just like most boys, once he’s gobbled a dick he discovers how awesome it is and his tongue is soon heading down to dance around Roman’s tight little hole.

With so many lines crossed already it’s inevitable that his cock would demand that ass. He slides in, filling Roman with his raw length, fucking the boy up on the counter and then ramming him from behind too before sitting on the floor and giving the twink the opportunity to take control and ride his meat.

With Kaleb’s cock pulling out and launching his hot messy cum load over the floor all that’s left to do is take a shower of spunk from his new buddy, smiling as he experiences the warm sticky mess splashing over him.

Once a straight boy tries it for the first time they always come back for more.


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Carlos Costa

Is there a guy out there who wouldn’t love to spend a little personal time with gorgeous twink boy Carlos Costa? We’ve seen him in some real hot BoyFun a couple of times already, but we thought it was about time we got a little solo action with this smooth lad and his hard cock.

The bisexual boy is in the bedroom and giving us the eye while his hands explore his lean frame, slowly teasing with a little nipple play and showing off more skin by the second. With his vest off we get to check out that skinny and tight body, the tight abs of his stomach and the smooth plateau of his chest, but within moments his hand is reaching down into his jeans to grope the shape of his growing dick in his sexy underwear.


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Dildo Domination

Ron Negba is the kind of boy who likes to take any opportunity to dominate a twinky bottom, and he’s really met his perfect match in adorable little Lucian Fair.

Lucian was expecting to enjoy some alone time with his favorite new toy, a bit thick dildo capable of filling him up, but horny Ron arrives at just the right time to invite himself to the BoyFun.

After watching the sweet twink fucking his tight hole with the generous dong Ron makes his entrance, welcomed eagerly by the smooth twink who couldn’t ever turn down some assistance.