Trey Woods & Eli Sky

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James Stirling & Darron Bluu

Punished With A Raw Cock

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Payton Connor & Dylan Ferrell

Massaging His Bare Boy Hole

It goes without saying that a massage with either young Payton or Dylan will always end with two wet and messy releases. Dylan has just started a new job and he’s enjoying a little celebratory rub down by the very talented Payton. No doubt this boy knows how to use his hands, but his cock is even more skilled when it comes to relieving some muscle tension. With his engorged meat in Dylan’s face the first taste is quickly encouraging a return of the favor, with Payton revealing his own oral skills for Dylan’s juicy tool. The boys are seemingly equally well-equipped, but it’s Payton’s tool that’ll be put to the test when he eases his naked cock between those hot young cheeks and fucks his friend from behind. That’s hot enough, but wait until you see the scissoring move and the awesome cum delivery young Payton fires off over his hot young friend, soon joined by Dylan’s satisfied meat as he pumps his dick to a gooey finish.


James Stirling & Dylan Hart

Raw Young Male Delivery

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Dylan Hart – Vaping Bator Gets Sticky

Dylan Hart

Smooth and slim young Dylan is a gorgeous boy, it’s no wonder so many of his fans love watching him enjoying his long and slender cock whether he’s alone or with a friend. We join him in the bedroom, his cock already raging in his fist while he strokes and performs for his fans. His shaved smooth body is just begging for a tongue to explore it. He puffs on his vape and watches a little porn to keep the sexy energy going, but all he really needs is that stiff boner in his fist and an audience enjoying the show. Watch as the sexy boy pumps cream over his tight abs and sexy chest, making a sticky mess of himself that we would all love to clean up for him.