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Flashback Corentin’s 18 Birthday

Get The Scene Corentin Tessier and Maël Dumas share with you the unforgettable memory of Corentin's 18th birthday party, which turned into an improvised orgy. The sex is intense, the cries as powerful as the cock hits and the finale will inevitably leave Corentin with lasting memories of his coming of age. GET THE SCENE

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Beach Bums | Ep. 5 What He Wants

Get the Scene Adventurous couple, Johnny Hands and Levi Rhodes invite tight bodied, tan twink, Keagan Case over for an afternoon of erotic fun! After panoramic views of their beautiful beach town, the camera catches Keagan knocking on Johnny’s door for some dynamic duo dick! The boys skip the small talk, and head straight to… Continue reading Beach Bums | Ep. 5 What He Wants

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SATURDAY: Yannis Paluan & Bart Cuban PART 2

Get the Scene As we follow on today right from where we left off in part one, there is no introduction here, so we get a full 20 minutes of hot sex with 2 even hotter guys. It is almost undisputed that Yannis has one (if not the) hottest ass here at BelAmi, but we… Continue reading SATURDAY: Yannis Paluan & Bart Cuban PART 2

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Carter Dane & Raphael Louis

CockyBoys is excited to welcome back one of our favorite and sensual studs, Carter Dane. When Carter is around then you know your screen is going to be HOT and STEAMY. Carter is the perfect welcome ambassador for our new CockyBoy, Raphael Louis. With Carter's charisma, Raphael just melts and shows us his sexy charms.… Continue reading Carter Dane & Raphael Louis

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Happy Campers: Part 3

Get the Scene Josh, Kane, and Seth are surprised when Trevor and Levi arrive at their campsite, but nobody is more shocked than Trevor, who is aggravated that he’s sharing the reserved space with a bunch of boys. He wants to be alone with Levi and is annoyed that his boyfriend is acclimating well to… Continue reading Happy Campers: Part 3

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Twink Toy Play With Karol Gajda

Get the Scene Gorgeous little Karol Gajda is a born performer, he's one of those sweet young guys who loves being in front of the cameras, or even a live audience, and putting on a show. That's made patently obvious by the slow teasing and gyrating the adorable young star delivers in the opening moments… Continue reading Twink Toy Play With Karol Gajda

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Ashton Montana & Peter Annaud

Get the Scene As we were preparing this scene, we realized Luke forgot to film an introduction. So, we invited Ashton and Peter back to have a chat about the scene in lieu of a normal storyline. Peter is Ashton’s made-to-order lover. First, Ashton has a weakness for rimming, a skill which Peter is especially… Continue reading Ashton Montana & Peter Annaud

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Allan Aimée & Nate Donaghy

Get The Scene Since we concluded Allan’s Freshmen introduction in July, we felt it time to bring him back for his next scene. We decided to pair him with one of our wild boys, Nate Donaghy. This scene was filmed last winter during one of Prague’s coldest days.So, the scenes start of Allan waiting outside… Continue reading Allan Aimée & Nate Donaghy

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Aiden Ward & Leo Grand

CockyBoys presents a steamy and sensual scene with Aiden Ward & Leo Grand that is full of heat and lustful magic. Definitely one of those keepers for the continual rewatch pile. Enjoy! Get the scene Aiden Ward & Leo Grand find inspiration in the revelatory words of Jake Jaxson and take his advice to create… Continue reading Aiden Ward & Leo Grand

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Bro Buddies

Get The Scene Feeding from the bathroom cam in the 'Bro Buddies' house, bubble-butt twink Dylan Hayes walks in on English stud Josh Moore getting out of the shower. Intrigued by the size of Josh's uncut cock, Dylan drops to his knees to service the British stud. Like a weightless ragdoll, Josh picks Dylan up… Continue reading Bro Buddies

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Oliver & Florian

In the final instalment of the „Dirty Buddies“ adventures, we are presented with two well-built boys, Oliver and Florian, whose trained and muscular bodies are literally to die for. Florian is cruising an area which is infamous for casual hookups; and luckily Oliver comes by, sees Florian touching his bulge – and can't resist to… Continue reading Oliver & Florian

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Justin Saradon

Get the Scene Summer Loves is back again with everyone's sweetheart, Justin Saradon. If you ever wonder how Justin stays in good shape, he puts it all down to his newfound healthy lifestyle. Gone are the crazy days of youth with a lot of drinking and smoking, replaced with the gym and healthy eating... Not… Continue reading Justin Saradon

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Johnny Hands Solo Session

Get the Scene Trevor Harris interviews gorgeous jock, Johnny Hands. The too hot 28 year old talks about his life, love of video games, the gym, and polyamory before Harris asks the hottie to show off his body. The erotic extrovert jumps at the chance, immediately shedding his shirt to reveal a tight, toned torso.… Continue reading Johnny Hands Solo Session

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SATURDAY SPECIAL: Roald Ekberg & Duffy Bastian

Get the Scene Sometimes during our production at the Chateau we literally run out of space and have to find extra locations for filming. For today's scene with Roald and Bastian we actually sent them all the way back to our studio in Prague to find an empty bed. You may also be thinking that you… Continue reading SATURDAY SPECIAL: Roald Ekberg & Duffy Bastian

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Happy Campers: Part 2

Get The Scene Trevor and Levi’s relationship is rocky, to say the least. When Trevor suggests that they go camping to work things out, Levi lets his boyfriend know that he would rather work things out at a five-star resort. A sweet story about Trevor’s childhood memories at Mt. Charleston followed by awesome sex has… Continue reading Happy Campers: Part 2

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Pip Caulfield & Fabien Jacq

Get the scene We know that many of you have a thing for Pip Caulfield and his insatiable appetite for dick, but in today's scene we have a role reversal, as he steals newbie Fabien Jacq away from Kevin to provide him with a little 'private' training. Fabien and Pip seems to make a perfect… Continue reading Pip Caulfield & Fabien Jacq

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Ayden Mallory & Pierre Cezanne

Get the Scene It’s ironic that this is our 2nd scene as it features two firsts: our first scene with raven haired Ayden and the first scene we filmed with Pierre topping. Sadly, Ayden is a “Flirting with Porn” model that left us after two scenes. You will see his last scene, with Kieran Benning,… Continue reading Ayden Mallory & Pierre Cezanne