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Leonel Russell & Dimitry Simonit

Southern Strokes on Badpuppy with Leonel Russell and Dimitry Simonit: Spending time with my stepbrother, Dimitry, is always the best part of my day, especially when we go on vacation together. I came in from the store and saw him standing by the window in his undies. He looked so hot. We play around from time to time, so kissing his lips was always welcomed. We moved to the couch and continued touching, kissing, and removing our clothes. Once my dick was out, Dimitry knew what to do with it. I sat on the arm of the chair and watched him work my cock to a rock with his mouth. I played with his hole while he sucked me. It was super tight, but I fixed that by eating him out before giving his hole a poke. I fucked his ass until he started cumming on the floor with me inside him. I shot on his back.


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15 June 2024

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