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Pounded Hole : Nathan James,Silas Brooks

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We join raven haired naughty boy Nathan James, and sizzling hot, Silas Brooks tussling tongues, and shedding shirts. Nathan makes his way to down to Brooks’ legendary bulge, taste testing the twink’s smooth torso as he goes. Once he reaches his delicious destination, Silas unpacks his prized piece, allowing James to showcase his tonsil tickling talents. Brooks teases the sexy schlong sucker, smacking his supersized slab about, before his own cock craving kicks in. He sinks to his knees, and worships Nathan’s knob with his wet, warm mouth. Then, he spins his boy around, smacks him on the seat, and opens that incredible ass with his beefy beast. James lets out a lusty moan, and accepts every thick inch Silas smashes deep in his slutty seat. After beating that butt to a pretty boy pulp, Brooks orders his bottom to hop on for a ride. Nathan rides the raw rig spread eagle at the camera, giving us a glorious view of his dancing dick. Needing to delve deeper, Brooks hops up, then heaves his hefty hero hog back in to do some damage. He hammers the lil’ hotties’ horned up hole till his piece is pulsing, and ready to plaster James with jizz. His thick white gold glazes Nathan’s nads , taint, crack, and hole with grade-A guy goo. Then, he plunges that spent, satisfied schlong back in, and collapses onto his cute conquest with a final kiss.




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Alan & Hoyt Kogan

5 September 2023

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