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FLIP FUCK PHOTOGRAPHERS : Archi Gold, Zayne Bright

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Cuties Archi Gold and Zayne Bright are making the most of their day together, starting out with a tour of the old city and some selfies, but ending with a hot session of BoyFun on the couch.

Of course, while we would all love to spend an afternoon roaming around and taking pics with these romantic boys, we would much rather enjoy the cock pleasing antics they share when they’re home and horny for each other.

A little loving kissing quickly leads to the two groping for dicks and slipping off their t-shirts to reveal their equally smooth and lean bodies.

In no time at all young Zayne has his friend out of his colorful underwear and his hard uncut penis in his mouth and hands, wanking and sucking his lover with obvious skill.

It goes without saying Archi needs to return the favor and show off his deep sucking skills, and show off those skills he certainly does. He’s gobbling on Zayne’s impressive cock and taking it down is throat before his ass is up for his buddy to lick and slurp.

The thrusting of Zayne’s naked uncut dong in Archi’s perfect little pucker is just the start of their fun. After banging his boyfriend from behind Zayne is soon ready to take a little ramming of his own from his flip fucking buddy.

Watch the boys swapping their gorgeous dicks until Archi is making a creamy mess on himself and taking a showering facial from Zayne’s super stiff rod.

That’s a perfect way to end a romantic day in the city.



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26 August 2023

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