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Angel Santana & Benjamin Blue

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Benjamin Blue and Angel Santana have a passionate flip-fuck and prove again that sexual chemistry transcends all languages. There’s virtually no icebreaker here because Angel is almost swooning over Benjamin’s blue-eyes. And when they romantically kiss and undress it’s as though they’re reunited lovers.

Benjamin sucks and rims Angel with the same romantically-tinged sensuality and cock teases his hole and Angel is in heaven. If he could do it, Angel would suck Benjamin’s cock into his hole. He doesn’t have to though because Benjamin slides in and pounds him every which way. While they’re both totally into this, Benjamin wants to flip.

Just like that, Angel is the passionate top, rimming and sucking then fucking moaning bottom Benjamin. As Angel pounds him, Benjamin cums hands-free! Soon they flip again and Benjamin plows Angel from behind until he shoots his load. Benjamin churns up one more, bigger load and shoots over Angel’s hole and breeds him. They passionately kiss again and you can tell they just don’t want it to end.



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