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Uncut Cream Pie : Aiden Garcia,Cameron Moore

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Twink porn titan, Aiden Garcia, and newcomer-cutie, Cameron Moore make magic in this bone buster, which opens with the guys already locked in a lusty embrace. The canoodling leads to an extra hot moment if the dudes rubbing their protruding packages together in sexy boy underwear, which then sends Cameron down to his knees. He sheds Aiden off his shorts, and gets smacked in the smooth chest with Garcia’s girthy gift. Then, the sexy, young star shows off his delicious deep throat skills, sucking the big beast all the way to the base. Wanting to show his appreciation, Latin lover Aiden pantses the pretty boy, and returns the favor. After choking Cameron’s fat cock down, Garcia tosses the twink’s legs in the air, and tongues that tasty tail till the dude whimpers with pure pleasure. The tan, tatted hottie then heaves his huge hog deep in Cameron’s can. And, the lil’ dude can definitely take some dick! He swallows the beefy battering-ram to the balls from the start; and, Aiden does not go easy on the guy! Garcia plays with the twink’s perfect pole as he plunges his piece in deep. The thought of the dude’s D filling his derrière floods his mind, causing Aiden to ask for a fucking. Happy to oblige, Cameron cocks his partner doggy style, before the fine fellas flip once more. Moore squats on top of Aiden’s more than ample appendage, for a raw ride that’ll leave you breathless. Slumped over on top of Aiden, Cameron grips the sheets, powerless against the pleasure being pounded inside him by Garcia’s hard hammering hips as he thrust them up. Unable to hold back any longer, Moore launches an extra large load all over Garcia’s golden torso. Glistening with a gorgeous amount of guy goo, Aiden’s hips heave harder; then, he spreads the boy’s butt, and busts deep inside. When he uncorks, Cameron’s can is covered in cream. As an added bonus, pretty boy pushes out a plethora of pure white gold from his guts.



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16 December 2022

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