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Twinks Show Off : Angel Abell, Rimi Morty

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Blond twink boy Angel Abell arrives with a bag full of goodies to show his shirtless friend Rimi Morty. A collection of the sexiest, skimpiest, most adorable underwear is soon being perused and with dicks exposed and boners rising while they admire each other in the mirror it’s inevitable they’ll be engaging in some sexy BoyFun very quickly.

It’s no surprise that with young Rimi’s long and impressive cock poking out from his new snug shorts that he’s not wearing them for long. Angel is quickly on his knees and worshiping the wet muscle with his tongue and lips, leading to Rimi craving a taste of his blond pal’s penis in return.

With both youthful twink cocks raging solid and drooling precum it only takes a little licking of blond boy Angel’s perfect little hole and the boy is begging for his friend to slide that rigid length deep inside.

And slide inside he does, bareback fucking Angel on his back with probing thrusts before the boy slides his wanton hole down on his buddy’s incredible meat for an intense ride that has his own long shaft wagging with pleasure.

A final spooning is all it takes to have Angel wanking his hooded penis to a cum gushing climax with his friend inside him, the sight of which soon has Rimi towering over the boy and blasting thick streams of twink semen to coat the twink’s slim body with milky hot goo.

And to think it all started with a sexy underwear modeling show.



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