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Found : Keagan Case,Noah Bentley

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Keagan Case, and Noah Bentley have had a feisty flirtation going down on Instagram for a bit now. While Case is home scrolling, he peeps his cute crush’s page, sees he’s minutes away, and decides to go for it! After weeks of online- cyber seducing, their “chance encounter” goes great; and, the fast friends, quickly become fuck buddies! Back at Bentley’s place, the pretty boy- porn princes put the weeks of sizzling, sexual tension to a tasty test, each devouring one another’s thick dicks like dynamos! After Bentley gets a mouthful of beef, Case orders him onto the bed, ass up. Keagan launches his tongue into Noah’s hungry hole, with plunging pleasure, blasting the boy’s beautiful butt, till he conveys just how much he needs that cock, with magnificent moans. Bentley then looks back, and offers Case a ride on his big rig. Never one to pass up an ass filling opportunity, Keagan crushes that cock, bouncing his horned up hole on Noah’s huge hog, like a hungry whore. The new friends flip again, and Bentley receives a rigorous ramming, knees in the air, as he beats his massive meat. Keagan’s perfect, pornstar sized piece pushes every oozy ounce of lusty, liquid pleasure out of naughty boy Noah’s knob; and, he coats cut stomach with cream. Case joins the jizz soaked jubilee, jacking his jock till it spews spicy spunk all over his new buddy’s beautiful, bronze, boy bust covered body.




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