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Sex With the Ex : Noah Bentley,Sam Ledger

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Sexy, Sam Ledger had a cock stiffening-case of the ex. The ex, being Noah Bentley. He knows Noah will be at their mutual buddy’s big bash; and, he’s a bit uncertain he’ll be able to resist their obvious attraction. Lucky for us. Lusty Ledger is powerless against pretty boy Bentley’s erotic advances; and, after a few drinks, the perfect pair reconnect for some serious, flip- flopping- cock cramming fuck- fun! With an erotic agenda on their hot hands, both boys bring their A game, delivering ferocious, five star- suck sessions. Naughty boy, Noah takes it one step further, by burying his handsome face in Sam’s sexy, back- seat. After Bentley has his boy’s back door primed, he delivers a downright, deliciously dirty dicking to the dude’s dick hungry, derrière. Anxious to explore that amazing ass once more, Sam suggests Noah hop on top for a raw ride. Bentley brings that butt like a beast, bouncing hard, and heavy on Sam’s seed filled, schlong. Then, the erotic ex’s amp it up even more, with ANOTHER flip! Large loined Ledger lays it DOWN! He hammers his lil’ hottie till the tight tunneled twink busts all over his smooth, shredded stomach! Sam sizzles as he splatters his severely satisfied, sexed-up, ex with his spicy spunk, painting the pretty boy with white hot, top-tier, twink toss! We have a feeling, these sexy ex’s may be destined to forever deliver, a down-right delicious dicking to one another, every now, and then. And, honestly, we can’t WAIT!



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