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It’s a week of 3ways from the chateau this week as we back up Thursday’s scene with another 3way featuring Torsten, Jerome, and Allan. To be honest, although there are 3 guys in this scene, it may be stretching things to actually call it a 3way. Allan’s ass must feel so good that after only a few minutes of fucking, Jerome loses control and blows his load all over his buddy’s ass. Feeling bad about his ‘early exit’ Jerome kindly offers to let Torsten finish the job he couldn’t. It could have been a case of bringing in a man to show Allan how it is really done, but then Torsten also shoots his wad after 10 minutes! The only conclusion to be drawn here is that Allan has a magic ass that feels so good that none of the guys can control themselves!



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Hot men !

5 April 2022

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