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Stretching on the Stairs : Olek ONeight, Ronan Keane

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Studious and intelligent young Ronan Keane loves little more than to relax with a good book, but like all young guys he enjoys the pleasure his cock can deliver even more. He’s more than happy to let the offer of BoyFun distract him from the pages when his friend Olek ONeight arrives with a swelling penis and a smooth boy hole to share.

Olek has an interesting way of attracting attention, putting on something of a strip show on the small staircase. Of course it doesn’t take many minutes before Ronan is fully invested in the performance and arriving to take this show off up on his obvious offer.

With lips meeting and smooth bodies pressed together handsome Olek can’t wait to gobble on the warm length of uncut cock the boy is soon releasing from those pants, slurping on his dripping cock and enticing precum to ooze down his throat.

It’s very reciprocal affair, however. Once the two pals move to the couch Ronan is gorging on the fleshy inches of his buddy’s erection.

With a quick relocation back to the stairs that snug and smooth hole is ready for licking. Ronan slurps and laps at the twitching pucker and prepares to dive in with his engorged meat.

We don’t know what story the boy was reading when his friend arrived by there’s no doubt it’s not as exciting as the pleasure he’s enjoying while pumping that bareback cock in and out of his friend, fucking him from behind and spooning the boy on he couch before ramming Olek deep on his back and making him pump hot cum over his tight abs.

The sight of semen splashing is enough for young Ronan, pulling his naked erection from his buddy’s ass and adding his own copious cream to the mess in a climactic flurry of pleasure



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27 March 2022

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