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Riis Erikson & Adam Archuleta

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Handsome Riis Erikson is our final „newcomer“ of the year but he’s definitely worth the wait with his perfectly sculpted body and charming personality. Adam Archuleta is his first „on screen“ partner. He finds Riis in the dining room finishing his breakfast and nursing an injured leg from playing soccer.  It wouldn‘t be Adam if he didn’t use this opportunity to get into the pants of a hot guy. Adam’s sexual appetite and experience soon leave Riis helpless. After giving Adam a nice deep blowjob, he gets to experience his new partner’s massive uncut cock up his ass. Their passionate fuck session climaxes with Riis’ ass taking Adam’s huge cumshot.


Screen Shot 2021-12-28 at 9.29.55 AM.png


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28 December 2021

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28 December 2021

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