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Go Pro Go Raw : Leo Luckett & Manuel Skye

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Hunky muscular daddy Manuel Skye is preparing something hot for all his fans, smashing a young blond jock Leo Luckett. Just seeing his young athletic body made Manuel horny. Leo got a wild idea about recording their sex with a phone, which Manuel was more than happy to do. These two started kissing and groping on the bed, sucking each other and moaning from excitement. Manuel being the dominant one and more experienced, quickly took control of Leos ass and ate it with his big tongue. His huge cock was more than ready to smash Leo from behind, and Leo took it like a champ. Whole room echoed from bareback smashing, in various positions from doggy to riding. Leo was first to cum as his anus was probed deep and satisfying. Manuel quickly followed, cumming all over Leos yummy balls, but he kept fucking him for a bit, showing just how horny he really is!



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