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Riding Rico : Finn Harper, Rico Fatale

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Things are a little lost in translation at the start of this Jawked encounter. Handsome Rico Fatale comes downstairs while visiting his friend and discovers flatmate Finn Harper lounging on the couch in nothing but the sexiest little denim shorts. It’s understandable that Rico might be a little flustered and gets his words mixed up, the boy is so gorgeous any sane man would stumble.

He regains his composure long enough to make his move, and it seems he doesn’t have to try too hard to get to know the adorable little guy. With a little forwardness and a hand on the boy’s swelling bulge he’s invited in for a kiss and within seconds of their introduction Rico has the stunning young man’s wet uncut cock in his mouth.

Finn is stiff and dripping with precum while the handsome man sucks and slurps him, Rico has clearly pleasured many cocks in his time and he knows what he’s doing.

Finn might be a little less experienced but he can’t wait to get his own mouth on the bigger pink dick Rico soon has for him to taste.

It’s surely an impressive shaft, but as Finn is the host it’s clearly his responsibility to welcome the guest with what he wants and it seems Rico can’t deny his desire to ride that rigid young boner.

Fit young Finn does a great job of getting to know his roommates friend, plunging his super-stuff cock into Rico’s raw jock hole and pounding him all over the couch, in every position, taking the handsome man all the way to a cum pumping climax that has his big dick covered in fresh cream.

There’s only one thing left to make Rico feel particularly at home.

Finn heads up to meet Rico’s needs, wanking his glistening rod in his face and showering the handsome man with semen, giving lucky Rico a proper taste of his delicious juices.

It seems Rico will be visiting his new friend again real soon.



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