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Couch Crouching

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The train station seemed like the perfect place for naughty young men like Jayden Harwey and Bastian May to meet. It started with Bastian coming to town for the first time, without a place to hang out. Jayden saw him looking clueless at the station and grabbed the opportunity to seduce the newcomer. Bastian was dazzled with Jayden’s looks so he obliged instantly. They made their way to Jayden’s hang out spot before Bastian got the chance to suck on a raging boner. Feeling good with himself for finding a bottom, Jayden leaned back and enjoyed the blowjob. Sucking on big cock made Bastian horny so he took his clothes off to show his muscular body. Jayden liked what he saw so he led him to the couch to fuck like never before. Bastian wasted no time riding bareback as Jayden penetrated further inside every time. They changed position and picked up speed banging before Jayden came harder than ever over the jock’s hole. Bastian got seeded again before spilling his load!




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