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Travis’s Love Muscle : Travis Green

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We’re back in the Jawked gym with another gorgeous and incredibly horny young man. Travis Green is an extremely fit young Russian stud who is more than a little familiar with the process of a good workout, especially the rewarding cum splashes that arrive after a great training session.

He usually jacks off in the shower after a session like this, just like most other gym-going jocks, but he just can’t help himself when he starts to get so hard and horny while working his abs.

With his jock dick tenting his shorts he slips them off to show his tight little underwear, his cum load quickly growing while he explores himself.

In no time at all his hard uncut jock cock is out and in his hands, so stiff and damp with precum while he plays with his inches. If there was anyone else working out they’d have stopped to stare and join in with their own hard cock by now.

Travis looks awesome naked, his muscular body is so lean and so toned, his penis is perfectly sized to match his build.

He lays back on the bench and focuses on his pleasure, pumping his penis in his grip while his free hand roams over his glistening muscles.

The boy clearly needed that relief. His cum spurts from his helmet in a thick rope, leaping out and raining down over his chest and abs in a great display of pleasure. You can almost hear the goopy mess hitting his hard body.

Now he just needs to head to the shower and clean up, but I think we all know he’ll probably be shooting another good load when he gets there.



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