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Flip Flop Nut : Alex Blade, Max Gen Rating

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Max Gen is enjoying a nice soak in the tub, exploring himself and giving in to the demands of his hard uncut cock rising from the foamy water. It goes without saying that this gorgeous inked young man would always enjoy a little solo BoyFun while in the bath, but the arrival of Alex Blade makes his planned jack off far more exciting.

Max is quick to invite him to come and play, laying back in the water while Alex toys with the stiff and wet cock standing proud from between his smooth thighs.

With a little rubbing the young man is ready for a lot more, heading to the couch where Alex can truly play with the presented penis. He takes it in his sucking mouth, using his lips and tongue to explore and pleasure the warm and wet meat, his own penis swelling and desperate for release from his pants.

Of course sexy Max is more than eager to return the favor. The moment his friend’s cock is revealed he’s slurping the tasty inches, savoring the precum seeping from Alex’s tip. With his attention drawn to the boy’s pucker he gives Alex’s hole some licks and in seconds the two are ready for the ultimate in male pleasure.

Watch as Max slips his bareback cock between those welcoming cheeks, filling Alex with his bulging boner and fucking him from behind.

It could have ended there, it could have led to semen splashing free from their desperate dicks within moments, but inked young Max isn’t ready to finish up before he gets his chance to impale his pucker down on his pal’s penis.

Their flip fuck switches back and forth, with more rimming of Alex’s tight little hole and an incredibly hot near-piledriver position which takes both boys to an incredible gushing release.

Alex enjoys a shower of spooge from their erupting cocks, a shower of semen raining down over him.

It’s time for them to return to the bathroom to clean up, if they can manage that before needing to indulge again.



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