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CockyBoys Welcomes Gabe Bradshaw in his CockyBoys Debut with that fan favorite hunk, Roman Todd!!

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Gabe Bradshaw is excited to make his CockyBoys debut AND fulfill a fantasy of getting dominated by Roman Todd! Just as he wanted, Gabe goes to Roman’s hotel room late at night to find his fantasy man waiting for him, stroking his cock. When Roman tells him to get on his knees and suck him, Gabe is happy to comply and swallow all of his cock, gag on it, and take Roman’s face-fucking and sex talk.

When Roman wants Gabe on all fours on top of the bed, Gabe jumps to it without hesitation, and after a little spit-lube Roman fucks him hard. Gabe not only takes a pounding, but he also revels in it loudly and wants more. Gabe begs for hair-pulling and choking and Roman obliges while fucking him even harder. And when Roman flips him on his back to drill him, Gabe moans pleading for his hole to be used and Roman slaps his face and spits in his open mouth

Roman continues to ramrod Gabe relentlessly and work up a sweat, much to Gabe’s delight. But, Roman also wants Gabe to ride him, and not long after he does, Gabe erupts in a cum geyser. While Gabe is on his orgasmic high, Roman flips him on his side to drill him, only stopping to pull out and shoot his thick load over Gabe’s hole and fuck it into him. Roman kisses him and elicits from Gabe what they both know: Roman owns Gabe’s hole!



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4 December 2021

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5 December 2021

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