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Jake Jaxson & R.J. Sebastian Present ‘LOVE HAPPENS’ with Austin Avery, Brock Banks & Max Adonis

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In the LOVE HAPPENS finale, uptight mindfulness coach Brock Bankski (Brock Banks) finally sees the light ..with the help of radical faeries Max Adonis & Austin Avery! Brock’s sexual awakening retreat didn’t go as planned after being hijacked by Max & Austin and their friends, and Brock confronts Max about it. But Max gets Brock to see the weekend was actually a big success…and he should enjoy it as much as his guests.

After a liberating frolic in the water, Max prods Brock to take one more step into the unknown by walking to a hidden spot on the retreat’s grounds. Surrounded by sheer white flowing curtains Brock lies floating on a sling, stroking his cock..and being watched by Max & Austin. Soon they step into the circle and began to pleasure Brock. While Austin concentrates on his upper torso, Max eats out his hole and fucks him. As Max thrusts into Brock, Austin kisses him, feeds him cock, and strokes and sucks him.

In time the guys start to mix things up. Max gives Austin his turn fucking Brock and then sits back to watch the sex show. Soon enough, Max wants to be part of the action again and takes Brock’s place in the sling as Brock & Austin take turns sucking and face-fucking him. And then Austin gets his turn, flipping over in the sling with Brock holding him steady so Max can drill him from behind.

Max goes non-stop until he pulls out to shoot a thick load all over Austin’s hole and invite Brock to lick it up. Brock leaves just enough as lube and slides in his cock just as he cums too! Finally, Austin flips on his back and while Brock laps at his balls, he shoots his huge load and the guys celebrate one more sexual awareness success!

Later, a totally changed Brock sums it all up with philosophical words of wisdom: “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you going to love somebody else?”



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