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Brotherhood Sessions | Part Four: At the Service of His Maestre

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In this episode of “Brotherhood Sessions”, we continue with the game sessions, two very obedient boys indulge in pleasure with 6 others who lead them. Derek and Mark are very submissive, shy, they let others tell them what to do, how to kiss, how to touch each other and make an unprecedented, commanded by El Maestre, take place. A tattoo masked man forces them to suck their penis, they indulge in sucking, not just him but each of the 6, if six guys. They suck cocks to get juice out of them, huge cocks don’t enter their mouths, they go down their throats. Then they put them in four, with the tail back, and they give him cocks at both ends, by the mouth and by the tail. They rotate, hot, and the obedient boys moan with pleasure… The orgy goes on and on, until the obedient boys get on all fours, leaving their asses next to each other to be penetrated. The dominator, is putting his penis in one and the other ass. The other masked boys touch their huge penises … They also do a double penetration … Towards the end, they await the finish of their Master’s discharge on their faces, like someone waiting for a rain after a drought. These two guys take all the cum and then they get indulged in this sacrifice of sexual pleasure … Keep watching “Brotherhood Sessions” something so hot and mysterious that it always surprises.




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