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Hot and Heavy : Troy Accola, Sebastian Cruz

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This is Sebastian Cruz’s inaugural scene with Helix; and, he does not disappoint! Paired with red hot, Troy Accola, Cruz makes his porn perfect presence known, grabbing his partner by the back of the head for some deep kissing, which eventually leads Troy to his knees. Accola strips the new dude down, uncovering an incredible, overstuffed package, clad in tighty whiteys. Troy gulps the girthy groin down, as Cruz plunges his hips forward. After, Sebastian maneuvers the tatted twink onto the bed, ass up for an epic eating. Troy moans like a bitch as Cruz tongue fucks his hot hole, then teases it with his rock hard cock. Then, our boy mounts his bottom, and plunges his piece deep inside. His smooth, tight ass muscles propel his pole, making it pump like a piston. The tatted top then lays back on the bed like boss, and lets Troy climb on for the ride of his life. Accola bounces and writhes while whimpering with pleasure, as he talks dirty. Sebastian then sets the boy onto his back, stands up, and power fucks that fine ass as Accola holds his knees high. Cruz’s throbbing, pounding cock causes bottom boy to loose it, and he explodes all over his ripped, alabaster abs. His twitching tunnel grips Sebastian’s super sized slab, and the newbie nuts, absolutely COVERING Accola’s amazing ass, and freshly fucked hole. The hot top scoops up some cum with his cock, and shoves his schlong back where it belongs, much to Troy’s delight.




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