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Hookup Stories: Aiden Garcia, Chris Peyton

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“Hookup Stories” brings the heat with this one! Porn prince, Chris Peyton opens this edition, sharing a hot story about a party hookup, before we get to see him in ass bangin’ action, with superstar Aiden Garcia. Lodged in a lusty lip lock, the pervy pair tear at each other’s shirts, before Garcia gets on the bed, and kisses his way to that crazy- huge cock. He teases the epic, uncut eight incher over the dude’s drawers, then sheds the stud’s boxers to gorge on that gorgeous groin. Full up on cock, Aiden pulls his drawers down and whispers about his pre-cum seeping through his underwear. Hot, and horny as hell, Garcia straddles the dirty blond boy’s handsome mug, and receives a righteous schlong, and sack sucking. Aiden fucks Chris’ face for a bit, then spins around, and plants his perfect posterior on Peyton’s lips for a licking. He gorges on Chris’ cock, as the dude fills up on ass. Then, Garcia eases that prized, porn star seat down, and shimmies his hot hole onto that epic, uncut D. Peyton plunges his hips upward, smashing ass and meeting Aiden’s thrusts down onto his dick. Chris strokes his bottom’s big bone while he fucks, bringing them both to the height of ecstasy when Aiden turns around. Riding raw rigid rod like he’s at a rodeo, Garcia grinds his gears down hard. Peyton then gets behind his guy, and dogs him deliciously. Aiden’s arched back let’s the hottie hit his spot, and sends them both to the brink! Garcia blasts white hot goo all over the black bedspread. Then, Chris creams that arch, spewing seed all over bottom boy’s back, and butt, before they kiss one another for a job well done.



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