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Full of Stuffing : Daniel Star, Max Gen

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Cute little Max Gen has a big fluffy bear friend to take around town while he’s planning to meet up with gorgeous Daniel Star for this BoyFun video, but don’t worry, this definitely isn’t a bear themed encounter between the two.

The boys (and their bear friend) are soon seeking out some privacy after meeting on a street bench and as soon as they get back to the comfort of the couch their bear pal is being sidelined for some shirtless making out.

With their first smooches urging them on Daniel is quick to seek out the hardening cock between his friend’s legs, and of course he finds a delicious dick waiting for him. With some deep sucks and tender licks his own super stiff dick is in need of the same and you can bet young Max is going to deliver it with equal skill.

None of this foreplay, with cock slurping, foot licking and toe sucking from horny Max, can match the intense pleasure of a bareback banging.

The fit young man eases his long naked cock between the boy’s cheeks and fills young Daniel with his raw length, pumping into him on his back before he gives the boy a lovely ride on his dong.

Their innocent bear watches from close by as the two boys move to the floor for some super deep spooning, ultimately leading to Daniel’s hard inches firing off a fountain of thick and hot white goo.

Max pulls out in moments ready to deliver a rapid fire dousing of his own, pumping shot after shot of milky mess all over the boy’s balls.



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Jerome Exupery

8 November 2021


9 November 2021

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