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Brotherhood of Games II | Part Five: Treasure Hunt

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In this new episode of “Brotherhood of Games”, the boys will play a treasure hunt under the command of El Maestre. Ivan and Antu are looking around the department for the toy that their leader left somewhere … They want to know what it is and use it on their bodies! Ivan finds it, it is a huge pink dildo and now that he won and found it first, he is going to use it with his partner Antu. They start kissing, they go straight to the couch, their bodies get excited, they take off their shirts. With that dildo, Ivan stimulates Antu’s nipples, who only has boxers now, just like him. They caress the bulges that are growing enormous, Antu kneels down and passionately sucks his partner’s cock on his boxer, who takes out his penis and gives it to his mouth. Then, he also kneels down to suck his cock and puts him on all fours on the couch to play with his ass. He sucks his butt well, he opens the hole with the stimulation of his tongue, he spits it out, to be able to insert the dildo more easily. And so she penetrates him deeply with the incredible dildo. Very funny! Antu moans with pleasure, he wants a meat penis. Ivan does not hesitate to penetrate him and thus they begin to have sex against the back of the chair … Very hard penises, full of veins. Then Antu climbs on top, sits on the cock and rides it like a good passive rider. When he can’t take it anymore, he finishes and fills her ass with milk, plays with the fluids in the hole. Antu, helped by his friend, finishes stimulating himself and gives off a lot, a lot of semen after so much stimulation. Now they are grateful to El Maestre for what a good time they had in this sexual treasure hunt … Keep watching “Brotherhood of Games”, there are some incredible orgies to enjoy … And you, are you ready to play again?




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