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FRIDAY SPECIAL: Enrique, Bastian, and Tom 3-WAY


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Sometimes BelAmi timelines don’t bare much resemblance to the real space-time laws, and today is a perfect example of the universe adjusting itself to fit in with the desires of men.

Enrique and Bastian met a cute guy at a club that they would both like to fool around with, and after a little negotiating, Bastian gets his way and calls up Tom Rogers to come and join the fun.
Ignoring the above mentions universal laws, Tom is there within seconds to play the role of Lucky Pierre to our horny couple…. and what an erotic and sexually charged encounter it turns out to be  with Tom being the perfect partner for both guys, using both his holes until he ends up covered in hot and creamy cum.



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Brent Corrigan

10 October 2021

Brent Everett

10 October 2021

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