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Brotherhood of Games II | Part Three: Gay Dominator

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In this new episode of “Brotherhood of Games”, El Maestre sends one of his boys to be his replacement in the domination of a boy named Tommy. The tattooed boy appears at his house, with his cape and mask and orders him to suck his huge cock. Tommy obediently puts the whole penis in his mouth, sucks it with dedication, fills it with saliva and savors it, while the other moans of pleasure escapes. Tommy masturbates himself while sucking the cock. Then the dominant puts him on all fours on the couch, with his ass up, gives him a squeak and rubs it with his cock. She penetrates him in the ass with great desire in a wild bareback. She uses the boy’s tie as a strap to dominate his body as she penetrates him. The bottom appreciates that huge penis going in and out of his hole. They also do it while standing and then Tommy spreads his legs to receive the penis, in a position that makes him spill all his semen on his belly. The asset will end up in your mouth. Keep watching “Brotherhood of Games” with episode 4 called “The Maestre says.” ”And you, are you ready to play again?




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Joe Brady

27 September 2021

Jordan & Dean

27 September 2021

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