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Hookup Stories: Spencer & Brett

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We’re back with another exciting edition of, ”Hookup Stories!” This time, newbie Brett Daniels is in the hot seat. He shares a sexy story about a Grindr hookup that starts off at a coffee shop, and comes to a climax at the boy’s house. Then, of course, we get to see the delicious, dirty blond dude in action. After a passionate, bedroom kiss with Spencer Locke, bad boy Brett slowly makes his way down that tight torso, to Spencer’s super sizer. He deep throats that D, with a little help from Locke who grabs the guy by the hair. Spencer eyeballs the boy up and down, then says, “let me suck your dick.” Brett gets up with the cock sure confidence of a dude with a big piece, and slowly pulls his drawers down. His confidence is DEFINITELY well founded. This guy is HUNG! Spencer sucks the swinger, then spreads Brett’s peaches and cream crack open to deliver an epic ass eating. Brett turns around, and pleads for a pounding. Always one to please, Spencer slips his schlong in and gets to hammering while locking eyes with his hot bottom. Then, Locke offers up a ride, taking the boy where they both want to go. Daniels tosses his head back in pure ecstasy as he hammers his slender hips down on that D, before our top tenderizes that tush missionary. Locke lays into the lad like a lion, while Brett holds his knees to his ears. As if it couldn’t get any hotter, Spencer pulls out, and absolutely plasters the pretty boy with nut! He nails him right in the face with the first blow, then coats that golden torso with a gorgeous glaze, before sealing this slam with a cum covered kiss.




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