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Pool Games : Joey Intenso, Thomas Fiaty & Pierre

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Boys will be boys! Hunk Joey Intenso is having fun with twinks Thomas Fiaty and Pierre by the pool. He is so powerful that he lifts Thomas Fiaty in the air, as Pierre is filming everything. It all turns into a wrestle fest where twinks quickly lose their pants as they slap Joey Intenso’s ass with it before he also becomes butt naked. As they go into the pool, the action becomes steamier. Thomas Fiaty impresses everyone by sucking the hunk’s dick under the water until he lifts him up and returns the favor. Pierre doesn’t want to miss any action, so he joins in while sucking another’s twink balls. Boys than start licking and fist fucking their assholes, preparing for what’s about to come – hard barebacking. Thomas Fiaty is the first one to get his ass penetrated by Joey Intenso, as his cock goes deep inside of him. After a while, they switch around, the twink was now fucking the hunk, while he’s sucking Pierre’s cock. Finally, they form a fuck train before cumming hard on Thomas Fiaty’s pretty face.



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Tender Bareback

22 September 2021

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