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“Catch & Release – Episode 2”, a cruising series by Jake Jaxson & R. J. Sebastian, presents, sensual studs, Carter Dane & Roman Todd!

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Carter Dane literally goes the extra mile using the Sniffies app for an anonymous hook-up with Roman Todd in episode two of “Catch & Release”! Carter contacts Roman who’s super-horny and uninterested in small talk. He gives Carter his exact location and soon Carter is in the woods where he finds the blue collar stud sitting atop a bulldozer, drinking beer and stroking his cock waiting for him. Roman doesn’t have to say a word. He signals Carter to come to him and soon stops stroking,. just to give him look silently telling him what to do..

Carter takes Roman’s cock in hand, slowly strokes it, and fondles his balls but soon enough climbs inside the can to suck him. Silent no more, Roman groans and verbally grunts from the constant pleasure of Carter’s mouth & throat before kissing him passionately. Then he stands up so Carter can continue and take every thrust of Roman’s hips. As their clothes peel off, Roman has Carter up against the bulldozer so he eats out his ass and eventually fulfills his lusty desire to fuck his bubble butt.

Roman plows & pounds his hole and Carter is beaming ecstatically with deep pleasure. They’re both close but Roman takes a time out by sucking Carter’s cock and kissing him with romantic passion. Roman grinds their cocks together and he enjoys all the contours of Carter’s muscled body before turning him around once more to eat his ass and fuck him. Roman cuts loose, sweating under the hot sun while using his whole body to fuck Carter

In time Roman takes a break & lies back on earth-movers tires so Carter can ride his cock. Carter works his hole to bring Roman closer to the edge until he can’t hold back anymore. Roman pulls out and shoots a thick facial on Carter who sucks him dry…and keeps sucking until he shoots HIS own load! After kissing him hard, Roman is done and tells Carter, “Now get the fuck outta here. I gotta get back to work.” Carter walks away with a very satisfied smile, stressed-out no longer.



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4 September 2021

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