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Horny little Noah Bailey can’t resist the lure of some well-worn sporty underwear left behind by his friend Jed Fuller, and who could blame him? The aroma of sweaty boy balls is enough to inspire most horny guys into a session of solo BoyFun and that’s exactly what the young man finds himself preparing for, kicking back on the bed and groping the shape of his quickly swelling cock in his shorts.

With his gorgeous uncut erection throbbing in his hands, his meaty shaft being expertly pumped while his perfect pink balls bounce, the young man is interrupted by none other than Jed, curious as to why his friend is wanking with his underwear.

Of course, it doesn’t need much of an explanation. In moments the arriving boy is all in, their lips locking, their hands exploring and their stiff young dicks soon being swapped in a greedy session of mutual slurping.

If only Noah had asked he would have known his friend was down to play.

The tanned boy can’t hardly wait to get that big raw dick in his snug little hole, but there’s time for Jed to give it some good licking before he fills that tight pucker.

Noah can’t believe his luck, being buggered raw from behind by his sexy friend before straddling his pal to impale his ass down on that juicy pink boner and enjoying a good long ride. His cock bounces and swings around while he savors the feel of his hole being well used but it’s the thrusting the boy takes on his back that brings their ball-swinging romp to a cum gushing conclusion.

Noah spurts his seed all over his golden skin in a messy release, leading to a messier one from Jed all over the cute boy’s face and mouth. His jizz is poured all over, dripping down Noah’s face.

The taste of his friend’s load on his tongue sure beats the smell of his balls in his used underwear.



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Sandy Durain

10 August 2021

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