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Eliott Petri


Handsome Eliott Petri comes from Slovakia and was only with the company for a very short time. His seductive looks, beautiful smile, fit body, smooth bubble butt and rock hard cock all ensured that Eliott fit perfectly into our family.
We believe that you will enjoy today’s photo selection even if it is the only thing (beside a casting) we have done with this stunning model.


Screen Shot 2021-08-03 at 10.27.24 AM.png



Ondrej Borka
7 August 2021 at 17 h 44 min

Aj ja som zo Slovenska. Zaujímavé je pre mňa gay sexuálny styk. Keby som mal možnosť o tom s niekým baviť som ochotný na stretnutie a lebo casting. Viac informácií potom dám o moju osobu

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