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A Sticky Situation

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Models: Kieran Karlsson, Roman Capellini

Young Roman Capellini has something tasty to share with his friend Kieran Karlsson in this BoyFun session, but it seems Kieran has a tasty treat of his own to deliver, too.

It might be nothing but a ploy to get his gorgeous friend out of his shirt but when Roman spills delicious yogurt on his pal he’s soon exploring and Kieran isn’t complaining. It’s inevitable that the boy will head down further to find the growing uncut cock in the boy’s shorts, which soon slips into his hungry mouth.

Kieran has one of the most impressive dicks, so stiff and wet, the perfect size for a boy’s tight little hole.

Before he gets to deliver that delicious member to its target young Kieran is eager to get a taste of his friend’s equally tasty meat, slobbering and suckling on the presented penis with equal gusto. His oral skills are soon displayed some more when he heads around to lucky Roman’s very willing ass, his tongue slipping in to get him wet and ready for his bareback cock to ease inside.

Roman welcomes it, taking the rigid erection from behind before hopping up on the couch to straddle his buddy and slide his pucker down, enjoying the ride while his own cock bounces and dribbles precum.

With the boy on his back and his hand rubbing his inches Roman spits his sticky mess over his smooth stomach in a leaping climax, the pleasure of his convulsing ass around Kieran’s cock quickly taking him to the edge.

Roman’s thirst for creamy treats is satisfied once again as Kieran pumps his semen into his mouth, delivering an even tastier yogurt for his buddy to savor.



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28 July 2021

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