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Flip Flop Friends

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Gorgeous boys Harry Davis and Noah Bailey are equally horny and equally equipped to help each other out with their needs in this BoyFun session.

The sporty boys are home from practice, skipping the group showers for a little alone time in the bedroom and wasting no time before their hands are exploring the growing young cocks in their football shorts.

Harry’s stunning meaty cock, pale and pink, thick and fleshy, is soon between Noah’s lips for a delicious slurping, but his own super stiff footballer dick is soon out for much of the same.

His tanned length humps his pal’s mouth while Harry takes it as deep as he can, but they both know their assholes will manage every inch.

Harry goes first, licking out his teammate’s tight little hole and getting it sopping wet before the tanned boy impales his pucker on his girthy bare erection. His cock flops and swings while he rides his buddy, his boner ready for when his friend demands a deep plunging in return.

Noah takes his friend from behind, spooning his pale little ass and thrusting deep until he had to free his dick to splash his footballer cock cream all over Harry’s balls.

It’s not over yet. The boys are gong into extra time and after Noah leaves a little of his semen inside his pal he’s on his back and getting a second fucking, wanking out even more cum before Harry scores his messy goal all over his smooth chest.



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Valentin Amour

26 July 2021

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