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Dallas Preston Black & White Photoshoot

What to say about boy-like xxx star Dallas Preston? He always wanted to be a porn star but at the time he was dating someone seriously that wouldn’t go for that. Eventually, they broke up and Dallas decided to go with his dreams of fucking hot twinks on camera. Dallas is a new gay porn star which makes him shiny and fans are loving what he’s adding to Helix Studios. He began his career in late January of 2021 and we hope he stays active for as long as possible so we can wank to him in new gay twink scenes for a long time. 

During his free time, Dallas enjoys going to the gym and working out as often as he gets. He enjoys spending time with his friends and having a good time no matter what he’s doing. Dallas has brown hair and blue eyes and may seem innocent but he’s all about sexual experiences on camera. Dallas is 21 years old and plans to take some of his earnings from the xxx industry and invest them in his long-term future. Dallas has always wanted to become a software engineer and so he plans to learn how to code and use some of the funds to support him in that venture. 

He enjoys being on top and the bottom and specifically enjoys sucking cock and making men cum! Dallas is well-endowed with a hard 7.5 inches cock. Check out Dallas in one of his many hardcore one-on-one sex scenes or gay group sex scenes such as Lets Hit It, Helix Academy Wrestling chapter 1, Helix Academy Wrestling chapter 4, and or Helix Academy Wrestling chapter 6. Be sure to continue to check out Dallas’ page so you can see all his latest xxx performances in new exclusive and original scenes! Dallas has worked with some of the hottest twinks such as Aiden Garcia, Spencer Locke, Austin Lovett, and Jordan Lake.




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