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Helix Latin Camp | Part 2: How to Make a Bonfire

Helix Latin Camp 2 is here! This new installment is even hotter than the previous one. The boys do their chores at the camp but the sexual tension makes them very horny. In this second episode four Boy Scouts are building the fire when two of them begin to touch each other warming up the others. The other two boys kneel in front of his huge cocks becoming very submissive. One of the kneeling men stands up, leaving a single Boys Scout on the floor and sucking all three of them off. The sun begins to go down, and the heat increases anyway. One of the guys starts fucking the submissive one while the other kneels to suck the other’s cock. Then the two most passive are fucked by the other two in a very wild way without letting them breathe. When they can no longer pleasure, they decide to finish on their buttocks and penetrate them again. In the next one, a very good scout tying knots, ties another in a tree… and gives him pleasure in “A good tree, a good opportunity”.




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22 June 2021

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22 June 2021

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