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Adorable boy Josh Cavalin is just trying to mind his own business in the bedroom when he catches the obviously horny eye of handsome lad Liam Miller and you can tell immediately that a hot session of BoyFun is in the making. No youthful twink could ignore such an obvious flirtation.

Josh is quite obvious in his intent, his colorful little briefs are full to bursting and the mere offer of potentially seeing what’s inside has Liam joining him on the bed, their lips meeting and their clothes slipping off.

The two are matched when it comes to their lithe and sexy builds, but it’s not the only thing they have in common. Their lust is equal, as proven by the speed with which Josh is sucking on the presented prick of his friend.

After getting his first taste of the gorgeous cock his own big meat is soon out for Liam to suck and lick, and what an impressive penis it is. He does a great job of it but it’s soon clear young Josh wants another taste of his friend, this time from the back.

With Liam’s smooth hole thoroughly licked out by the window the boy eases his big bare boner between those cheeks, fucking Liam’s snug pucker from behind before the two move to the bed for a deeper thrusting.

The buggering Josh delivers to the boy on his back is what makes the first splashing of hot cock cream erupt, spurting over Liam’s satisfied body, right before the gorgeous young man heads up to get a taste of the messy fountain of semen shooting out of Josh’s big boner.

And to think it all started with just a sexy glance in the right direction.



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16 June 2021