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Helix Latin Camp | Part 1: A Sudden Rain

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In this hot new series, the Boy Scouts welcome us to their Helix Latin Camp. The guys are always ready to survive in the wild and have a lot of sex! In this first episode we see the boys enjoying a sunny day at camp, preparing the tents, with the flags of their group. But suddenly an unexpected rain makes two of the boys, Lance and Cesar, have to take shelter. They are among the trees in the forest, it is too late to go back to camp. Since they really want to, they start kissing under the rain, between the plants, they touch their penises gently, they take out their huge cocks in the wild jungle and right there they start sucking. They are very hot, in the distance they see a shelter and run under a roof that allows them to start upping the ante on sex and trying not to be seen by anyone. The noise of the rain on the metal roof is the ideal companion while they masturbate each other! Lance begins to penetrate Cesar. He grabs him from behind with force, while the bottom moans with pleasure while thunder sounds in the background. Then he sits on top of him with his cock under his ass and starts bouncing. This sex is WILD! With the penis of his fellow Boy Scout inside, Cesar can no longer hold all his semen and Lance also unloads his on his buttocks. This will follow in episode two “How to make a bonfire?” in which we will discover how many young boys are needed to make a bonfire. Spoiler Alert! FOUR!




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