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Zac DeHaan & Jerome Exupery


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An early scene here for Jerome (you can tell by the lips) as we delve back into the archives again and find him paired up with handsome Zac DeHaan. This is the last unreleased scene that we have with Zac, although he may make an appearance again in the future in a couple of photosets we have (or if we start filming some daddy porn, as we are sure that he is still as sexy as ever).As a relative newbie here, Jerome already has a very voracious appetite for sex and devours every moment with his buff buddy, bouncing up and down on his thick cock until he explodes with cum.Probably our favorite Zac scene throughout his time at BelAmi was his performace as a Swiss Guard in Scandal in the Vatican… you can take a look at



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Jules Bourget

7 June 2021