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Acqua Latinos | Part 4: Swimming Race

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Join the aquatic race in the fourth episode of Acqua Latinos, three boys compete to see who is the best in the pool. With a drone view we watch the party and dive into the dancing and fun with the DJ playing music. The swim runs get really hot when one of the guys loses his bathing suit. Another, not to be left behind, takes off his shorts under the water… This is how the temperature rises for the most ardent trio of our Latino boys. They begin to kiss between the three of them, the tattooed boy gropes the other two and asks them to come down to suck his cock, his huge member is very hard, he passes them from one mouth to the other while enjoying himself, he bites his lips . His big cock gets into the mouth of one who fills it with saliva and the other also receives it, sucks it to the bottom, mixing fluids. The butts are already dilated to receive that piece. The three of them are completely naked, now they give two penises to the bottom, who sucks one after the other, enjoys moving his face and head from one side to the other, his tail is ready to be penetrated, they put his penis from behind one and the other. again, until the asset changes and goes to the tail of the other, amazing how it comes in and out so easily! Like animals in heat, these guys don’t stop having sex. Finally, the bottom receives the milk of the other two in his mouth, which is mixed with a lot of enjoyment and pleasure, he ends up masturbating until he finishes too… Wow. All of this continues in the next episode, with two boys competing to see who can hold the longest underwater… without kissing, in Chapter 5, “Hold your breath”.




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