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Acqua Latinos | Part 3: Water Volleyball

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Lance Mayer, Aubin Duran

In the 3rd episode of Aqcua Latinos, we get into a game of Water Volleyball, our favorite Latinos play this sport as if they were on the beach. It is a sunny, beautiful day and they are in a wonderful place with rocks and very green vegetation. Two of those who play, Lance and Aubin, are very competitive, they look at each other and like each other, while they see who plays better. At the end of the game, Aubin tells Lance that he plays very well, Aubin says that he is going to prove himself professionally but he also knows other things … So they go to a more private and quiet place, they are going to meet a little more naked, The boys kiss passionately on a black chair, they are still wet and wearing their swimming shorts, they kiss all over their bodies and begin to touch their penises with their hands inside their bathing suits. The cocks start to stand up They are very passionate, they kiss on the neck, the chest, all over the skin that burns. When they can’t take it anymore, they take off their bathing suits. Lance’s cock is very hard, Aubin starts to suck him hard, he fills it with saliva, he sucks it from the testicles to the tip, he licks it and enjoys it, it goes in and out of his mouth. While sucking it, Aubin touches himself, masturbates, wanting that cock inside his ass. Lance fulfills his wish, the boy sits on his penis and begins to ride him as if he were a rider riding a wild colt. The huge cock goes in and out of her ass, which explodes, she can’t stop bouncing with a lot of dedication and relaxation. Then he lies face down on the black chair and Lance begins to penetrate him with all his might, Aubin thanks with each cry, with each moan. When Lance couldn’t take it anymore, he finished a huge blowjob on his mouth and chest and Aubin too, a lot of contained semen that reaches unexpected places. In the next episode, other competing boys, three young Latinos playing a water race, will end up in bed in the fourth episode of the series: SWIMMING RACE.




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