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Bastian, Jim & Viggo

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There are a few things that BelAmi really prides itself on, and one of those is creating an environment where all of our models feel comfortable and at home. Our studios are not just ‘studios’ but places where the guys can come and hang out, spend a few days and get to know each other, and the result is always that we have a team of guys that are so at ease with each other that our directors hardly have to direct at all. This camaraderie is on full display here today when Jim and Bastian decide to ‘kidnap’ Viggo and have their wicked way with him. The only boys that were disappointed were the 3 that were left out of today’s scene, but who knows, maybe Ashton managed to convince his 2 buddies to have a 3way of their own.




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23 April 2021

Frosted Twink

23 April 2021

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