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It’s time for more WHAT’S YOUR KINK? starring Leo Grand & Zach Astor!

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It’s time for another round of our series “What’s Your Kink?” starting with Leo Grand revealing his to Zach Astor who is excited to join in. As Leo has shown before, he likes to be watched and he takes it up a notch by watching himself having sex as it happens on the well-placed monitor. Once they set it all up the guys get into it with Leo sucking Zach’s monster cock, and both into the pleasure and excitement of watching it on screen.

Soon after stripping naked and resuming his cocksucking, Leo shifts into a 69 so that Zach can eat his ass. Locked into extensive oral foreplay Leo keeps deep diving on Zach who tongue fucks his hole and strokes him before moving to the main event. He fucks Leo from behind and then on top of him, pounding him deep. As Zach drills Leo from the side, they have to get the cameras back in place and soon after that Zach shows again he’s more than a big dick top. He sucks Leo non-stop, almost bringing him up to the edge of cumming.

Zach eventually gets back into full fucking mode with Leo on his back taking every pounding thrust as they watch it happen on screen. Zach doesn’t stop until he fucks a hot load out of Leo who doesn’t have too much downtime as Zach has started stroking himself with the still-warm jizz. Leo helps him by licking his balls and is right there to get some of Zach’s cum geyser milk him dry. At the end Leo is quite pleased with himself and noticeably delighted that Zach really enjoyed this hot kink.



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