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Aiden Ward & Drew Dixon Flip Fuck!!!

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Drew Dixon returns for a flip-fuck with Aiden Ward! Drew & Aiden hit it off with some frank talk about “liberated” sex, which in turn becomes a kind of verbal foreplay. So, as Aiden goes down on Drew, he knows he can reach around and work several fingers into Drew’s hole. And after making out Aiden shows off his well-learned prowess for sucking dick by deep-throating Drew, slobbering on his balls and pleasing him VERY much. When Aiden stands up Drew does his best to give him the same attention to his big cock & balls.

After they get fully naked, Drew & Aiden virtually jump right into a 69 fully engulfed in sucking cock and eating ass with unbridled enthusiasm. With his cock rock hard from the sucking and his hole expanded from Aiden’s handiwork, Drew makes his move and sits on Aiden’s throbbing dick, taking every thrust and riding him deep. When Drew pivots his position to face Aiden, they’re in total energy-filled sync of Drew bouncing on Aiden’s cock and Aiden pounding him upwards.

At one point Drew slides off Aiden’s cock and they effortlessly change their power dynamic as Drew rims and pounds Aiden in the window. He eases up as Aiden takes back a measure of control sucking Drew and fucking himself on his cock. Then it’s back to bed where Drew rims Aiden and works all his fingers into his hole! Drew soon cuts loose and drills Aiden from behind every which way right up to the edge. He then pulls out to shoot his load over Aiden’s hole and fuck as much as he can into him.

Now it’s Aiden who is ready to cum and he lies back to stroke his dick while sucking Drew’s slick cock. At last Aiden explodes in an intense orgasm that he’s still experiencing as Drew licks up his load and feeds it back to him and snowball kisses him. They’re quite spent as they hold each other, but realistically you just know this insatiable duo won’t be down for long….



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