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Jake Jaxson & RJ Sebastian present the next episode in our new “quickie” series, LUCKY IN LOVE starring Angel Rivera & Roman Todd

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The perfectly unlucky romantic adventures of Lucky Jones (Tayte Hanson) continues with Angel Rivera & Roman Todd as the guys who benefit from his bad luck. As Lucky continues filming his dating profile he relates his most recent flop: a seemingly perfect hook-up with Angel. However, Lucky arrives to find that Angel has double-booked with Roman! And, Angel lets fate decide the answer to his dilemma with the flip of a coin. One guess how Lucky fares!

After Lucky leaves, Roman turns the tables on Angel with a crafty can’t-lose coin flip determining he will get to top him. Angel is a content loser, sucking Roman and taking all his cock when he gets face-fucked. Angel continues to eagerly suck him deep as Roman takes control, taking him into a 69 to eat out his hole with the same hungry fervor. After Angel rides his tongue, Roman turns him around and pounds his juiced up hole adding a little voyeuristic edge to it all by facing the mirror as they fuck.

Even when Angel rides Roman’s cock in both positions he easily takes all of his verbal, aggressive deep-thrusting action. This continues as Roman drills him on his back and, with Angel’s vocal encouragement, he fucks a load out of him. And when Roman pulls out ready to cum, Angel quickly turns around so he can get an open-mouth facial from his intense orgasm. AND, as it turns out all’s well that ends well once again…just not for Lucky!



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30 March 2021

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