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RHYS and DARIO part 1

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It’s going to be a sweet week here at BelAmi as we get a double serving of Dario Dolce together with the one and only Rhys Jagger. This the 1st of a series of double day scenes from GD’s vault, and as such they will be coming on Tuesdays and Thursdays instead of the normal Thursday/Saturday combo. In order to assure that models arrive on time, we often have them arrive the evening before filming, so they are bright and happy on the day. Sometimes this backfires a bit when the boys use the opportunity to ‘get to know’ each other better over a few glasses of local plum brandy. Luckily Dario has a cure for that: plenty of hydration and a fat dick in the ass to make Rhys feel all better again.
In part 2 the boys reverse roles and it is Rhys’ turn to be the top.




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