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Giulio Pasolini & Jeroen Mondrian


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Jeroen discovers how hard it is to complete a workout with a raging hardon. Every time Giulio sticks his butt out, Jeroen’s cock gets harder and harder.  Finally, he decides he has had enough of the training and decides to expend his energy in other ways.
So, after one last set of squats, ‘to firm up the ass’, Jerome embarks on his own workout regime. Both of our guys today are versatile performers, with nice fats cocks and tempting asses. It is Jeroen topping today. However, we hope that they get back together soon for a repeat performance with Giulio as top.
Jeroen’s alternative workout regimen of great blowjobs, lots of rimming and deep fucking works great for Giulio as he shoots his load while Jeroen has his fat cock embedded deep within his ass.



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