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Phillipe & Arne

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Today we have raided GD’s personal ‘rainy day’ archive again for a scene that was actually the very last hardcore scene that Phillip filmed before moving exclusively into our production team. When we join our 2 stars they are mid conversation, or maybe mid seduction, but either way it is not long before Arne suggests to Phillipe that they can ‘go somewhere’ so that he can ‘show him’. We’ve always thought that Arne is one of our sexiest Hungarians, good humored, cheeky as well as handsome and hung, so it is good luck that Phillipe wound up with him for his last scene. It is quite a fuck fest of a scene, both guys really love what they are doing and have had a lot of practice doing it as well. Phillipe is the top for this encounter.

While it may be his final scene, we do still have (of course) a handful of earlier scenes with him left in the archive as well.



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16 January 2021